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CFOT® Online Training

To help expand your skills, knowledge and abilities, Clearfield offers the classroom portion of the FOA Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT) live online in two 4-hour sessions on consecutive days. Our expert instructors host the live sessions with seamless interaction. You can raise your hand and ask questions or ask via a text chat.

Contact your Clearfield rep for details, email, or call (860) 694-9800. Or click on a session below to register.

We are offering sets of morning classes (8:00 am until noon) and sets of afternoon classes (noon until 4:00 pm). 

Fiber Optic Association (FOA)-certified instruction delivered by skilled facilitators provides the knowledge, skills and abilities that can be applied to almost any assignment in the fiber optic field. Whether related to design, installation or operations, the FOA's Certified Fiber Optic Technician curriculum supports the knowledge and skills needed by technicians to be proficient in any fiber optic application. This course provides a general understanding of fiber optic technology tailored for installers and technicians. Consultants, network designers, estimators and trainers benefit as well. This 3-day workshop offers equal time spent on classroom knowledge and hands-on skills. Students gain a practical understanding and a skill set required to further their expertise in the field, whether for the inside plant, outside plant or the access network.

About FOA and the CFOT Certification

FOA - Approved Fiber Optic Training

The FOA is an international non-profit educational organization that is chartered to promote professionalism in fiber optics through education, certification and standards. Founded in 1995 by a dozen prominent fiber optics trainers and industry personnel as a professional society for fiber optics and a source of independent certification, the FOA has grown to include involvement in numerous activities that educate the world about fiber optics and certify the workers who design, build and operate the world's fiber optic networks.

The FOA is not a training organization. FOA sets standards for the approved training organizations that provide training for FOA certification, training and certifying the instructors who give FOA approved courses and providing certification programs. Clearfield is an FOA-approved training organization — School #375. In recognition of their excellence, FOA certifications are recognized by the US Department of Labor and organizations in most countries around the world.

Understanding FOA Certifications

FOA certifications are designed to show a progression of growth in knowledge, skills and abilities in fiber optics and premises cabling. Most FOA plans start with the CFOT® certification before applying for higher level certification. The CFOT is a pre-requisite to most other certifications provided by the FOA.

Course Details

  • Course Length: 3 days
  • Course Level: Beginner to the well experienced. All technicians, no matter their skill level find the classroom and hands on skill knowledge to be very beneficial.


  • Introduction and Safety
  • Jargon – the key to understanding any technology is to understand the language
  • Applications for Fiber Optic Communications – Telephone, CATV, Data Centers and more
  • Theory – How fiber optics works
  • Transmission Systems – Using the spectrum to deliver services. Splitters and WDM modules
  • Fiber Types, Fiber Cables and Components used in the network
  • Terminations – Permanent and non-permanent
  • Installation and Hardware – Installation best practices
  • Testing! The basics of Tier I and Tier II testing, before, during and after the install
  • Design and Documentation — Begins at the start of the project. Link/power loss budget

Hands-On Training

  • Terminate fibers with pre-connectorized fiber choices as well as splice-on connectors and mechanical connectors.
  • Splice within cassettes to learn proper preparation and splicing procedures.
  • Learn how to properly prepare mechanical splices.

Tools Needed

  • The best way to learn about what is in your field tool box, students are encouraged to bring their own fusion machines, test gear and end face cleaning materials, if possible.
  • Students should bring basic work tools to class. Some tools will be provided.

CFOT Certification Test (Optional)

The FOA CFOT certification exam is issued at the end of the course. The $60 exam fee is included with your tuition payment. The CFOT exam is a written exam consisting of 100 multiple choice, matching and true-false questions. The successful student must answer 70 questions correctly to pass. This certification is valid for 3 years, and then is the responsibility of the technician to renew in 3 year increments.


  • Regional Sessions: Call for Pricing
  • At-Your-Site Sessions: Cost varies, contact Clearfield for more details

Regional Training Dates

Due to COVID-19, we do not have any in-person Regional Training Dates scheduled. If you have a training schedule question, please call us at (763) 519-9815 or email

Please note, dates & locations are subject to change without notice.

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