Fiber depoyment and management knowledge

Course Overview

The FieldShield® Optical Fiber Protection System is a turn-key package to take fiber through the fields and streets to the home or business, up the tower to the antenna or throughout the riser to the data center or desk. Used in conjunction with Clearfield’s FieldSmart® Fiber Management Solutions for the Inside Plant, Outside Plant and Access networks, FieldShield delivers and protects fiber through every distribution point of the network.

The FieldShield training course is designed to teach and explain the different types of microducts offered by Clearfield, as well as their applications, placement methods, and installation best practices. Participants will learn about the various “Pushable Fiber” configurations and the benefits of using a Pushable SC or Dual LC Connector to eliminate splicing in certain applications. During instruction, applicants will also be trained on the proper use and benefits of using the different accessories and tools associated with these products.

Training concludes with hands-on instruction, demonstrating how to install fiber through a direct buried microduct using push, pull, and push-pull combination techniques.


  • Explain the benefits of using FieldShield Optical Fiber Protection to reduce installation costs and improve long term network reliability
  • Understand the three components of the Optical Fiber Protection System
    • Microducts
    • Pushable fiber
    • Terminals
  • Know the best practices for each microduct placement method using the proper associated accessories
  • Be able to field terminate the SC, Dual LC and MPO Pushable Connectors
  • Maintain tone wire signal integrity when joining two direct buried toneable microducts

Hands-On Training

  • FieldShield D-ROP Installation
  • Direct Buried Toneable Microduct Field Repair
  • Aerial Microduct Dead-End Attachment and Flat Drop
  • Direct Buried Microduct Pushable Fiber Installation
  • SC Pushable Connector Outer Housing Assembly
  • Dual LC Pushable Connector Outer Housing Assembly
  • MPO Pushable Connector Outer Housing Assembly
  • Associated Accessories Best Practices


  • FieldShield Pushable Fiber and Microduct Test Access Point (TAP) Box Installation
  • FieldShield StrongFiber Deploy with TAP Box