Course Overview

The Clearview® Blue Cassette and xPAK are the central building blocks of every component in the FieldSmart® product portfolio. This enables service providers to standardize on a single building block, allowing a single fiber management component to be stocked for both environments, and craft-personnel the ease of working with a single fiber management platform regardless of Inside or Outside Plant deployment—saving training and installation time. Clearview Black incorporates the same flexibility and scalability of Clearview Blue in a 50% smaller footprint.

In this section, we will spend a significant amount of time to teach and explain the benefits of Clearfield’s modular and scalable design philosophy built around the craft-friendly Clearview Cassette to help you better understand why we do what we do.

Every member of the training course will receive thorough hands-on demonstration outlining the proper procedure to assemble, land, and splice both Loose Tube and Ribbon Fiber in each of the Clearview Cassettes. You will also learn the proper installation and splicing techniques for using the CraftSmart® 900um Splice-On Connector (SOC) to repair a termination in the case that a Clearview Cassette pigtail is damaged during installation or maintenance. In addition, we will let you in on the numerous tech tips that we have learned along the years, such as how and when to perform a Redirect “S” in the Clearview Cassette.


  • Assemble and configure the six components of a Clearview Cassette
    • Top cover
    • Expansion ring
    • Splice tray
    • Radius limiter
    • Cable assembly tray
    • 12-pack adapter plate
  • Splice loose tube and ribbon fiber into the Clearview Cassettes and xPAKs following Clearfield’s Best Practice Procedures
  • Be able to reroute fiber to switch cable exit “Redirect S”
  • Utilize the 144 Ribbon Breakout Kit and High Fiber Ribbon Breakout Box

Hands-On Training

  • Clearview Blue Cassette Construction
  • Clearview xPAK Assembly
  • High Fiber Ribbon Breakout Kit and Box

Video Demonstrations

  • Splicing in the Clearview Cassettes
    • Clearview Blue
    • Clearview xPAK
  • CraftSmart Splice-On Connector