Fiber depoyment and management knowledge

Clearfield’s Certified Partnership Training Program (CPTP) is open to customers and contractors with the desire to become a Clearfield partner.  Sign up today to learn the proper installation techniques for Clearfield products, and have  the opportunity to earn Bicsi Continuing Education Credits — 8 credits for either the Inside Plant or Outside Plant training or 12 credits for completing the full training. 

A new addition to the CPTP course line-up is the “FieldShield” course – a ½ day, targeted training focusing on the Clearview Cassette, FieldShield and the YOURx platform components and how these work together to achieve a complete a plug-and-play access network. This course provides 3 Bicsi credits.

About the Certified Partnership Training and BICSI credits

The ½ day, 1 day or 1-1/2 day training programs provide varying levels of instruction for our entire product line: Cassettes and xPAK’s (the heart of our scalable product architecture), Inside Plant and In-Building Connectivity, Outside Plant Cabinets & Pedestals, Outside Plant Access and finally, our FieldShield fiber delivery and protection system for bringing fiber to environments previously not viable.

Every participant will receive extensive training on the Clearview® Cassettes and FieldShield® Optical Fiber Protection products, with their choice of Inside Plant, Outside Plant or both depending upon contracting needs.

Clearview Cassette

The Clearview Blue Cassette and xPAK are the central building blocks of every component in the FieldSmart product portfolio.


The FieldShield Optical Fiber Protection System is a turn-key package to take fiber through the fields and streets to the home or business, up the tower to the antenna or throughout the riser to the data center or desk.

FieldSmart Inside Plant

In this course, you will learn how to assemble a complete frame kit from “opening the box” to “aligning the front doors on the frame”. We will teach you about our entire product lines of panels, protection options, and integrated optical component solutions.

FieldSmart Outside Plant

The goal of today’s outside plant deployment is to cost-effectively consolidate and distribute fiber deeper into the network.

Clearfield Certified Logo

Training programs can be held at either our location or yours. Our traveling trailer is equipped with all the necessities to bring the training to you.

In addition to being able to display our newly developed "Clearfield Certified" logo on your website, as a Certified Partner, you will appear on our website as "Clearfield Certified" and receive product and literature updates.