Clearfield (CLFD), Fiber to Anywhere

Clearfield is a different kind of Company – we don’t just focus on delivering the best possible product to our customers, but we look at changing the way our customers do business in order to reduce the cost of Gigabit Broadband.

With more than 70% of the cost of fiber connectivity associated with the labor to deploy it, our job is to ensure our customers reduce not only the amount of labor but also the skill level required. We offer to service providers the opportunity to utilize their skilled labor force where it matters most – at critical points in the network where splicing high-count fiber is prevalent, and then to deploy last-mile fiber working with a new, expanded workforce that can be effective with a minimal amount of up-front training.

Further, we know that modular, scalable deployment is necessary for cash flow optimization – For those service providers looking for a better way, FieldSmart® from Clearfield allows them to align their capital equipment spend alongside their subscriber take rates.

We've built our company to Scale just as effectively as we've built our product line. But don't just take my word for it – take a look at this brief 5 minute introduction to Clearfield – and if you’re ever in Minneapolis, please stop in to say hello.

Cheri Beranek